What is it?

“TO MAKE BETTER WINE, I NEED TO DO THIS,” David Lowe, Winemaker, July 2012

So Biodynamics! What is it?

It is now not common, but also not rare as a solution to give the land a chance to self heal, improve and provide a system that delivers the solutions rather than new problems. 

There are two parts to it, and they are practiced under a regime of improving quality of the end product; in my case better wine. To make better wine, I need to do this.

One part involves improving the soil and atmosphere interface by providing the right balance of background elements or making them available in a form that is a useful formulation. 

Typically you influence the soil microbial activity so that soil matter is alive with a balance of microbes that mineralise and feed plants. On one hand this reduces the necessity of adding quick hits of fertilizers which although immediately effective can end up unbalancing a biological process by overdosing.

The second part respects the form of agriculture that predates conventional farming where cosmos relationships determined the best times to manage a farm. 

Many industries subconsciously still practice this in varied forms, viz fishing is aided by tides, luna changes, etc.  And so it is with Biodynamics the astrological calendar becomes an aid to when the best time to apply changes to agriculture are of benefit.

Our Tinja property at Mudgee is under way and also we are commencing the same program for Rylstone. 

Nullo mountain is a year or two away as logistically to gain the most from this program we need to observe and develop experience.  This was in the case of the organic certification at Tinja which was commenced in 2003. Now the wines are better, and we all are looking to get better.

When you next visit the winery start a conversation or have a look at what we are doing by taking a walk through the vineyard.  It’s only 30 meters from the winery.