Love Lowe Wine Club

A Personal Lowe Experience

I've thought long and hard about starting a wine club.  I've asked myself, and many of you, how I can make this is a personal experience for me as the winemaker and you as the drinker.

Love Lowe? Join the Club


For those of you who enjoy our wines this is absolutely the best way to buy them. We don’t sell to supermarkets, on principle, and we don’t need or wish to discount.

I want to be in a direct relationship with you. Wine is a personal experience, for me it doesn’t get any more personal.

Producing quality wine for people to enjoy is my life’s work. That’s why I oversee the wine club selections myself and encourage members to contact me directly.

It is also the reason I have decided to limit our wine club to 350 members.

When we reach this point membership will only be available when someone else drops out. This way we can be sure of keeping museum stocks and small reserve parcels exclusively for members.

As well as receiving priority on our wines, membership provides the best access to the increasingly iconic Lowe events.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, any time you’re coming to Mudgee let us know how else we can help and of course make yourself known at cellar door.

I look forward to welcoming you!



David Lowe

David Lowe